Blog Posts in February, 2013

  • Have You Had Your Homeowners Insurance Checkup?

    || 20-Feb-2013

    Did you remodel your kitchen this year? Has your family adopted a large dog from the pound? Within a year, many things could change and end up affecting your insurance coverage. Homeowner insurance coverage is tricky because your insurance premium could change with the smallest adjustment. That is why we encourage our clients to schedule an annual appointment with their homeowner insurance agent ...
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  • Are You Covered Under the National Flood Insurance Program?

    || 13-Feb-2013

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners across the east coast are realizing that their homeowner insurance claims are being vastly underpaid or even denied completely. Some families are in tragic states where there kitchen and other rooms in their home are not even recognizable because they are filled and thrashed with water damage and are now in an unlivable state. What is the ...
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