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Has your vehicle been stolen in Florida?

Car Theft

People rely on their automobiles. They help us get work, pick up children and run necessary errands every day. If your car is stolen, you need to ensure that you will be compensated properly so another vehicle can be obtained. Insurance policies often include clauses that allow policy holders to receive compensation if their car is stolen. Unfortunately, these policies are often bent and manipulated by insurance companies to delay payment, deny payment or reduce the amount of payment to you. If you have had your insurance claim denied or undercut then you must contact me, Joshua Diamond. As a Florida insurance lawyer I can provide you with dedicated legal representation in your fight for the compensation due to you under your policy.

My law firm, Florida Insurance Claim Attorney Advocates, PA, has extensive experience in Florida insurance law. I am able to review your insurance policies, assess your claim and determine what options you may have available. Insurance companies will often try to wrongfully deny a claim, wrongfully delay payment for the loss or reduce any compensation they may owe a policyholder. My firm understands the need for an automobile and the effect losing one can have on an individual or family. I will fight aggressively for your claim and know how to get these claims resolved . I was nominated for "Super Lawyers Rising Star" and have been practicing insurance law for over thirteen years. I can negotiate with your insurance provider to get your auto insurance claim resolved fairly.

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Automobile insurance is very expensive. You probably pay thousands of dollars every year for coverage and help in a time of need. Insurance companies have no right to withhold payments from their loyal customers. I work hard for each client that walks through my door. My firm does not charge a fee unless we are successful in negotiation or litigation. Through personal dedication and experience I can help you resolve this difficult issue favorably. My firm is not intimidated by large insurance companies and we will be vigorous in protecting your interests throughout the process. I know how insurance companies operate and will press them hard on your behalf.

Florida Insurance Lawyer

Looking for an attorney for a car theft insurance claim in Coral Gables, FL? If your insurance company is requesting documents and unreasonable information in order to process your claim, they are likely making and effort to delay your claim, or hoping you will not be able to provide this documentation so they can deny the claim entirely. It is important to contact a Florida insurance attorney in order to avoid claim denials and delays. I handle all types of insurance disputes on the behalf of clients all throughout the state of Florida.

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