Rear-End Accident Attorney in Coral Gables, FL

Injured in a rear-impact collision? Learn more about your rights.

If you were recently injured in a rear-end accident, you may be wondering what steps you can take to secure adequate compensation from the insurance company. As you may know, insurance adjusters will do whatever it takes to minimize pay-outs and protect their bottom line, so it is imperative that you have an aggressive personal injury lawyer by your side from the very beginning. Even if it is clear that the other driver was at fault for your accident, the insurance company may attempt to prove that you were also to blame—thus, giving them reason to reduce the value of your claim.

Fortunately, you can trust that a Miami car accident attorney from Florida Insurance Claim Attorney Advocates, PA will have your best interests in mind. Our attorneys have been addressing legal issues surrounding insurance coverage and personal injury litigation since 1997, so you can rest easier knowing that your case will be in capable hands. Not only will they work diligently to prove that the other driver was at fault for causing your injuries, but they will fight to ensure that you are able to recover an adequate settlement for the financial, physical and emotional losses that you have suffered.

Determining Fault After a Rear-End Accident

After a rear-end collision, determining liability will be an important aspect of your claim. When it comes to rear-impact accidents, however, it is almost always assumed that the tailing driver was at fault. The rear driver is assumed to have the best opportunity to avoid rear collisions given a safe buffer between cars and a higher reaction time to sudden effects to the leading driver. One of the most basic rules of the road is that you should leave enough room between you and the car ahead of you to stop safely—even if the person in front of you brakes suddenly. Another tell-tale sign is the damage that both vehicles sustained. If the rear of your vehicle and the front-end of the other vehicle are damaged, there will be little to no doubt that you were hit from behind.

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