Coral Gables Burn Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer for Burn Victims in Coral Gables, Miami, and South Florida

Burn injuries are one of the most painful and serious injuries a person can experience. This type of injury may stem from an accident or incident caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another, whether an individual or a business entity, such as an auto accident or truck accident. If you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries caused by another's misconduct in the areas of Coral Gables, Miami, or south Florida, it is in your best interests to talk to an experienced attorney such as the Coral Gables burn injury lawyer at the firm. Josh Diamond has been representing injury victims in injury claims and lawsuits since 1997 and has proven results in this field. Using his extensive experience and legal skills, he may be able to obtain the maximum damages to which you are entitled for medical expenses and more following any burn injury.

Burn Injury Cases

Those who are unfortunate enough to sustain severe burn injuries are susceptible to such complications as shock, infection, respiratory distress, loss of the burned limbs or body parts, and organ dysfunction or failure. Burn victims may need weeks or months of medical care as well as reconstructive surgeries to address disfigurement and scars. All of this adds up to enormous medical costs, the loss of income for the burned victim while he or she recovers, along with physical pain and suffering as well as financial stress for both the injured and his or her family.

If you or a loved one has sustained severe burns, you need the competent and reliable help of an attorney to fight for the financial compensation you deserve in the aftermath of such a devastating experience. As a Coral Gables burn injury attorney, Josh Diamond will make every effort to seek the legal recourse and justice you deserve with an injury claim or lawsuit.

Contact the Coral Gables burn injury lawyer at the firm if you have suffered burn injuries due to the negligence or misconduct of another.